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Objectives and learning outcomes of the BTF STUDY PROGRAM

Since the BTF is a Mission-oriented faculty, the study program aims to enable students to acquire the necessary Theological Knowledge and Pastoral Skills, and to enable them to apply acquired knowledge and skills in practical work.




The student gained basic theoretical-methodological, scientific and professional knowledge in the field of Theology.

The student adopted the skills and acquired knowledge of the English language.

The student adopted the skills and gained basic knowledge from the Bible of the Greek (Koine) language.

The student is familiar with Hermeneutical theoretical and methodological approaches by interpreting Bible texts.

The student has developed the skills of understanding, analysis and evaluation of theological literary works.

The student has developed the skills of critical thinking, analytical, synthetic conclusion and active attitude towards oneself and others in the process of education and cooperation with others.

The student has developed the skills of oratory and propaganda, and the skills of working with children and young people and church planting skills.

The student has the ability to self-evaluation and self-reflection and awareness of the necessity of lifelong intellectual and professional development.

The student is qualified for further education for master's and doctoral programs, further professional development through specialized studies and projects for professional development.

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