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Welcome to the Balkan Theological Faculty!

We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the name of the Union of Christian Baptist Churches in Serbia and in this way we want to introduce you to BTF and awaken in you a desire to join us in the study of the Word of God.

The BTF was founded under the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ, who deeply professed us in our hearts that this kind of Bible education, which is both practical and academic, is needed by today's spiritual leaders in our churches in Serbia. A healthy Bible study and a strong will for mission work is what we want to achieve at BTF. There are fewer workers for the Lord and there is a growing mission field. Through BTF we want to change this and to awaken young people and encourage their zeal for the Lord.

Balkan Theological Faculty exists to train young people for service enshrine the great commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28). We want to encourage you from the first day to be students who will "change the world". First, change your personal world by knowing God's call into service, then change the world around you preparing for service, and then go and change the world for Christ!

BTF is a mission oriented faculty at the academic level and if you feel that God is calling you or has already invited you to work, this is the right place for you where you can crystallize your call, establish it, and experience where God wants you to serve Him.
The call from the Lord in service is very important and in the first place! In order to be ready to respond to the call, we fully believe that Healthy Theological Education is very important.
Some of you already serve in the church, but you need a deeper Bible education with emphasis on mission work then BTF is the right place for you!

BTF is a place for those who are visionaries; those who see the great image of God's work and want to be part of it. A place for active and inspired Christians who want to learn to serve Christ, and for those who want to improve their already existing service and to change the world for the better for Christ.

BTF is not exclusive with regard to the denomination or the church you belong to, so we want to cooperate with all churches and to provide academic and practical training to all those who value highly theological education.


Come and experience BTF! Follow us on FB and Web site and you can always attend lectures with a pre-announcement to make sure BTF is the right place for you!

Sincerely yours in the hope that you will join us,
BTF Board

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