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In the first semester of basic theological study program can enroll all persons (men and women) with secondary education for a period of four years.
The requirement for enrollment in the basic study program Theology at the Balkan Theological Faculty in Niš is the desire or need for theological education recognized by the local church that sends the student.
The student must have at least two recommendations from his Pastor or local community who sends him from the church deacon or elder.
Priority for enrollment is given to persons who feel a direct call from the Lord of the pastoral ministry. Also people who are already in service (pastors, missionaries, church planters, teachers nedelnjih school) who lack a theological education and training.


In the event that a person does not belong to any Evangelical or other Christian Church and has the desire to study, BTF will schedule an interview and suggest certain steps.


Necessary entry documentation:

- High school diploma

- Birth certificate (not older than 6 months)

- Two photos (passport size)

- Filled forms for enrollment and recommendations (obtained from faculty)

- Health certificate

* If the student has not completed the IV level of secondary school, it is necessary to enroll it (part time) and to complete it during the first year of studies at BTF.

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